What the Basque Country has to offer...

Why should you come to the Basque Country which lies between the Bay of Biscay in the north, the Pyrenees in the East and the vastness of the Iberian Peninsula in the South? Well, let us take a closer look at the facts. A short or hopefully longer stay in this beautiful land, will reveal many of it´s natural wonders, cultural offer and culinary plenty. It is the perfect mix of colours, the balance of modernity and traditions and the friendliness of its people that will make you fall in love with this tiny but rich corner of land.

The Basque Origins

There is also the story behind this mystical and yet to be fully discovered culture. This is an ancient land, rich in tradition. The Basque people have lived here for thousands of years and they are one of the most ancient ethnic groups on the planet. As for their language, Euskera, it is wholly original, with no connection or similarities to any other spoken language. It is hard to visit their corner of heaven and not leave with a new-found empathy for their quest to be recognised for who they are....

Basque versatility

The Basque Country has it all: A wonderful coastline with sandy beaches and green mountains just next to it. The vibrant city of Bilbao, formerly industrial, but reborn as a center of art and architecture, offering a wide cultural scope of museums, art galleries and spectacular buildings by famous designers. The elegant coastal town of San Sebastian (Donostia) with it´s beautiful La Concha beach offers Michelin-starred restaurants and those legendary pintxos bars you just won´t get enough of. Furthermore, there are plenty of rural and fishing villages along the coastline and magnificent vineyards in the Basque part of the Rioja. In short, the scenery is spectacular, the food and wine even better. Welcome to the land of plenty!

About the Basque people

And what about the Basques themselves? Once you are there you will experience the well-known Basque hospitality, which is remarkably warm and open. You will be down in the pintxos bars eating spectacular food and enjoiying a glass of Rioja or Basque Cider before you know it. Life is to be lived, that is the Basque approach to life. It is one the Basques abide to with great precision.