“Everyone who has visited the Basque country longs to return; it is a blessed land.”
Victor Hugo, French poet and novelist (1802- 1885)
This expression by the French poet Victor Hugo reflects in a simple but strong way the bond you will feel when visiting the Basque Country for the first time. You will want to come back, soon, very soon, this is for sure.
Before continuing to read, take a second and imagine what the Basque Country looks like…..what do you see? Which colours? What do the cities look like? What aromas lie in the air? How are people like?
Hopefully your imagination made you see some beautiful places, let you smell some wonderful aromas and made you wonder through a city full of history and stories to be told.
Nevertheless, you will still be surprised in the most positive way when you set foot for the fist time on Basque soil. It is the perfect mix of colours, the balance of modernity and traditions and the friendlyness of its people that will make you fall in love with this tiny but rich corner of land.
The Basque Country has it all: A wonderful coastline with sandy beaches and green, high mountains just next to it.
The vibrant city of Bilbao, formerly an industrial town, but reborn as a center of art and architecture, now offering a wide cultural scope of museums, art galleries and spectacular buildings by famous designers.
The elegant coastal town of San Sebastian (Donostia) with it´s beautiful La Concha beach offers Michelin-starred restaurants and those legendary pintxos bars you just won´t get enough of.
Furthermore there are plenty of small rural towns, fishing villages along the coastline and magnificent vineyards in the Basque part of the Rioja region. In short, the scenery is spectacular, the food and wine even better. Welcome to the land of plenty!
The cuisine, leisure, natural spaces and quality of the infrastructures allow the Basque Country to attract events, congresses, conventions and trade fairs to its three capitals and many other, smaller destionations. Furthermore, the great many attractions present throughout the territory provide the Basque Country with plenty of options for incentive trips.
The activitity associated with MICE tourism has already become an important pull factor which provides a boost for urban destinations with a vocation for tourism. It makes it possible to reactivate non-seasonal destinations, it increases the demand for high-end services and it provides a relatively high mean expenditure per visitor.
Nevertheless, there is still much to be discovered. There are venues, restaurants and places that are still unexplored, refreshingly new and different and its owners, your hosts will be delighted to welcome you and introduce you to their world.
Once you are there you will experience the well-known Basque hospitality, which is remarkably warm and open. You will be down in the pintxos bars eating spectacular food and enjoiying a glass of Rioja or Basque Cider before you know it. Life is to be lived, that is the Basque approach to life. It is one the Basques abide to with great precision.
If you are already a bit inspired and want to find out more about this beatufiul corner of the world, there is a good contect for you: When you look for a local partner for your next business travel to the Basque Country contact with INBASQUE, a DMC specialised on the Basque Country and all its destinations (Bilbao, San Sebastian, La Rioja, the Basque Coast).
Nicolas Foit, founder of inbasque DMC worked for many years within the tourism industry and especially within the destination management sector for well-known DMCs in citites like New York, Madrid and Barcelona. His passion for the Basque Country made him follow the idea of starting an own business, dedicated to delivering high standard service to international clients who come to the Basque Country for Conferences, Congresses, Incentives, Events and Leisure Trips.
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