A few weeks ago I was strolling around the old town of San Sebastian on a nice afternoon in autumn. I just had enjoyed a delicious Pintxo and a fresh Cider when I walked into a bookstore located between the many bars. After some time, a large book with a beautiful typical Basque Baserri (farmhouse”) caught my attention. After some pages, I decided to buy this treasure of Basque architecture and cuisine.

Over the last weeks, I had the time to read the book bit by bit and it inspired me to try some of the most classic recipes of the Basque gastronomy…

The book  is beautifully made with very nice pictures of old Basque farmhouses, their story and history and together with every one of them, a typical Basque dish is presented, with pictures and the recipe.

The book is written in Spanish but all recipes are in English, too, at the end of the book. If you are interested in purchasing the book, the price is around 15€ and available in many online book stores. And if you are interested in visiting one of the farmhouses and enjoy a fantastic lunch or dinner there, feel free to contact us: info@inbasque.com

Here are some photos of the book and a link to the a local online book store:


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