The New York times has just published an article on how to spend 36 in San Sebastian. There are many insights, highlights, hidden gems and useful information to be found.

A few of the highlights are:

(…) head to La Gintonería Donostiarra, a slick wedge-shaped gin bar in Gros. Here the shelves are lined with dozens of premium gins, so choose something unfamiliar — the floral Nordés Gin from Galicia, perhaps — and then watch the mesmerizing cocktail-making process. It begins with dry-ice fog billowing from a copa de balón (bulbous glass), and will involve the addition of infusions and aromatics — a drop here, a spritz there — and an appropriate garnish before the masterpiece is complete.

(..) go to Sakona Coffee Roasters. This third-wave coffee shop opened in February in an airy, uncluttered space with sleek wood benches, beans from their roastery in nearby Irun, and a worth-the-wait pour-over served in small glass carafes tied with tiny handkerchiefs

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