In case you are planning your next trip to the Basque Country and you know you will not be able to resist to temptations of the delicious local products the Basque Country has to offer, there are some basic information on labels, signs of quality  and certificates of local products.

In the Basque Country, you will find 5 trademarks that certify the quality of a product. If you have already been to the Basque Country, you will certainly have gotten to know the Idiazabal Cheese. One of the most famous products of this region, the cheese is used in many dishes and served as appetizer, dessert or just as a snack. The following label certifies that the cheese you are buying is really an Idiazabal Cheese:



The Rioja region is worldwide known for its very good wines. The Basque part of the Rioja, known as the Rioja Alavesa also produces very delicious wines and they are certified with the following label:



Last but not least, the famous Txakoli wine as three different labels, depending on which region from the Basque Country the wine comes from. Txakoli is a slightly sparkling, very dry white wine with high acidity and low alcohol content. t is normally served as an aperitif and drunk within one year of bottling as it cannot be stored for longer. Here are all three certificates:

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With this information you are perfectly prepared to shop until you drop during your next visit to the Basque Country.
In case you are looking for more information, we leave you links to the websites of the Idiazabal cheese and Txakoli wines:

If you want us to organize a visit to the Txakoli wineries, the Rioja Alavesa or maybe organize for you an Idiazabal Cheese workshop, please feel free to contact us at

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