Luis Gutiérrez, expert on Spanish wines for the famous magazine “The Wine Advocate” tasted and evaluated Txakoli wines from the Basque Country. Txakoli is maybe the most popular wine in the Basque Country. It is a light and fruity white wine and little perlage. Thanks to its slightly acid and fresh flavour, Txakoli is now one of the in-drinks in New York and Los Angeles.

A total of 45 Txakolis have been tested, ranging from the typical white wine to rosé and also sparkling Txakoli wine. The best result was obtained by Bilbao based winery Doniene Gorrondona who obtained a stunning result of 92 points. Apart from this, five wines received 91 points and 90 points have been awarded to a total of ten wines.

These results show that the Txakoli wine has been improving considerably over the last years and that it can now compete with all famous white wines on the planet.

Inabsque arranges visits to Txakoli wineries close to San Sebastian, Bilbao and also in the interior. Apart from wine tasting, a lunch in the wineries can be organised, too.

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