2014 will definitely be the year of San Sebastian, although it will be European Cultural Capital only in 2016. There is no doubt that San Sebastian is one of the most beautiful cities on this planet, and if you don´t believe me, you should pledge yourself to visit the city in 2014.
Still not convinced? If you don´t believe me, maybe you do believe the two following sources:

CNN has put San Sebastian into their list of “11 places to go in 2014″. According to them, “it’s next to France and some of the best wine regions, including Rioja, located just to the south, and Bordeaux in France, just to the north. The food is San Sebastián is also fantastic.”

San Sebastian is already tied in fifth place on one list of the world´s best cities according to Condé Nast Traveler, and it’s likely to get even more popular soon, as San Sebastián will be the European Capital of Culture in 2016.

Also the “The Sidney Morning Herald” has put Donostia / San Sebastian in the top list of cities to travel to in 2014 just recently.

Of course this is brilliant news as it seems that the Basque Country is getting more and more attention in the world. As already postet in my previos post a few days ago, the Basque Country is still a very unique and undiscoverd corner of the world.

Don´t loose any more time, pack your things and book a flight to Bilbao or Biarritz and visit this beautiful piece of land!!

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