Sports Travel Management for the Basque Country

Sports Travel Management in Bilbao, San Sebastian and the rest of the Basque Country

Sports Travel Management Experts

At inbasque DMC we are experts in working with European football clubs and sport teams visiting the Basque Country for UEFA competitions or any other mayor sports competition and event. We have in depth knowledge about logistics and requirements of a sports club and all its members. We are aware of the special needs a sports team has when it comes to hotel facilities, transportation of people and material, special dietary requirements and all other aspects of these complex logistics.
We strongly believe that inbasque DMC can add great value as a ground agent in sports travel management in the Basque Country with our local expertise, excellent contacts and on-site availability.

Much more than just the team

We know that when a professional sports teams travels for their matches, there are much more people involved that you might expect at first sight. Teams are always accompanied by a large number of other professionals like physiotherapists, nutritionists, chefs, security staff and many more.
Also often there are other delegations traveling with the team like the board members of the club, press, sponsors and of course the fans.
We do take care of all the groups and handle their individual programs, hotels, transportations and all other special needs.
We provide high end services in Bilbao, San Sebastian and the rest of the Basque Country.

Experienced DMC for Sports Management

We know the people in charge regarding operations in the numerous football and sport cities around the Basque Country. We have contacts at the clubs such as security officers at the stadium, stadium manager, club secretary….We also coordinate the police escorts and all the drivers of dedicated to the team, kit van, sponsors, board members, media…. Planning routes from the hotels to the stadium or the visitor team, fans, sponsors, club members, media etc is nothing new to us. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that your team has a very smooth stay in the match destination.

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