How about touring the Basque Country in a classic Citroen 2CV car? Sound pretty amazing? We think so, too. That is why we offer these kind of tours to our clients. In each car a total of up to 4 guests can take place for the tour. All of them are equipped with a panoramic roof that can be opened to enjoy the tour even more on sunny days. A total of 30 cars are available, with enough time in advace, this can be increased to 100 cars.

The tour can be started from the hotel or from any other point of departure previously accorded. Afterwards we tour the region on a previously selected route along the coastline or the interior. The route can be adapted according to your preferences.

As of late, 10 new, and also yellow Fiat 500 are available, too. This is the modern version of the tour which is not less appealing.

Contact us tour organize a 2CV tour during your next stay here…






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